What is Give Better?

We are a social enterprise that provides the resources and expertise to help small and medium sized non-profits launch sustainable giving programs. Give Better is not a do-it-yourself crowdfunding site. Our mission is to raise awareness and support for the local non-profits making an impact in their community.

Why did we start Give Better?

We launched Give Better because 2020 changed everything. Most small non-profits rely on a few in-person events each year to raise the money they need to carry out their missions. The pandemic made in-person fundraising difficult or impossible, cutting off a vital lifeline that many small non-profits rely on each year.

We saw a need to help those working to help others.

By connecting fundraisers to causes through influencer marketing and Impact Projects, our goal is to provide a national platform for local non-profits to connect to new donors who support their mission.

What are Impact Projects?

Impact Projects are recurring giving campaigns - like charitable subscriptions. The goal of an Impact Project is to localize a national issue, such as food security, a rare childhood disease, rent assistance, or small business support, by highlighting a small non-profit focused on addressing that issue in their community.

Who are Impact Managers and Impact Creators?

Impact Managers work with the non-profits we support to develop our Impact Projects and connect our Impact Creators to the causes they care about in their community. Impact Creators are influential voices who raise awareness about Impact Projects and their mission.


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